Cykelstallet, Servicedepån Gardefuhr
Scheelegatan 15, 11228 Stockholm
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

On Cykelstallet we are, as the name testifies, experts on bicycles.

We can service all types of bikes and are very knowledgeable about MTB. We also have good knowledge in various repairs of bicycles, and can therefore offer our customers this service.



On Cykelstallet we try hard to do as good a job as possible - every time. For us it is important that our customers always get a friendly reception both in the store during the communication by phone and email. With over 30 years of industry experience, we take ourselves ann very different tasks all have one thing in common - they are always professionally executed.

Join us on Kungsholmen or contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or activities. We look forward to hearing from you!


We also have a wide selection of accessories for bicycles. With all of the bells to the saddles and helmets will find certainly what you are looking for at our store. If this is not the case and you are missing something in our selection you can hear us - we can probably help you to pick up this in order, depending on the terms of tingest. We also sell spare parts for all types of bikes.



With our central location in Kungsholmen, we have a good starting point for bike rentals and with us you can rent bikes for the whole family. Our bikes are always newly serviced to ensure that you have an enjoyable and carefree experience when using them.

The range of bikes that we rent out, you can, among other things, are these models: In addition to traditional bikes we also rent out e-bikes and childrens bikes.

Standard bikes

Ladies bike with 3 or 7 gears and coasterbrake. Some equipped with a basket in front.

1 day 200 kronor
2 days 350 kronor
3 days 500 kronor
4 days 650 kronor
1 week 850 kronor


1 day 300 kronor
2 days 550 kronor
3 days 800 kronor
4 days 1000 kronor
1 week 1400 kronor


1 day 350 kronor
2 days 650 kronor
3 days 900 kronor
4 days 1250 kronor
1 week 1500 kronor

Mountainbike (MTB)

1 day 350 kronor
2 days 650 kronor
3 days 900 kronor
4 days 1250 kronor
1 week 1500 kronor

Tandem bike standard

1 day 500 kronor
2 days 900 kronor
3 days 1300 kronor
4 days 1700 kronor
1 week 2200 kronor


Tag-a-long bike

1 day 225 kronor
2 days 325 kronor
3 days 400 kronor
4 days 500 kronor
1 week 650 kronor



1 day 250 kronor
2 days 350 kronor
3 days 450 kronor
4 days 550 kronor
1 week 750 kronor


Bags - 1 pair 40 litres

1 day 150 kronor
2 days 250 kronor
3 days 300 kronor
4 days 350 kronor
1 week 450 kronor


Helmet only

1 day 25 kronor
2 days 40 kronor
3 days 55 kronor
4 days 70 kronor
1 week 100 kronor