Cykelstallet, Servicedepån Gardefuhr
Scheelegatan 15, 11228 Stockholm
076 004 77 42
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:00


About Cykelstallet

In the mid 80's the Cykelstallet, with a focus on the sale of racing and touring bikes. It can also boast of being the company that started mountainbiking trend in Sweden. During this time, we also established our own bikes, Jaco, and stood as the general agent for a number of different bike brands.

In 1984 Tony Gardefuhr enterprise service depot which focused on servicing of bicycles and mopeds. In the beginning, it seemed the company exclusively as an afternoon chore but soon it became a full-time business. Shortly thereafter took up an employee and when he finished in 2002, the two companies together in a partnership that focused entirely on service.

In 2003 we took over the premises in Kungsholmen one today still find ourselves in. 2010 bought Gardefuhr the owners of Cykelstallet and runs it today with an employee.

Today Cykelstallet a business that is characterized by a lot of knowledge and long experience. We specialize now in several areas: mopeds, bicycles and long-range skates. In the company, we also have a large selection of accessories for both bicycles mopeds in order to help our customers with repair and maintain their vehicles in top condition.

We also rent bicycles, which today has become one of our main areas of work. Our rental bikes are always of the highest quality and newly serviced. For us it is important that all customers will be satisfied when they rent our bikes or uses any other of our services.

Welcome to us!